A Bio-Active method

Our vines are grown according to a specific method, which we call «Bio-Active».

Innovation, respect for the environment and an ever demanding search for quality are at the heart of our production, every step of the way: from vine to vinification including hand-picked grapes.
Result: elegant wines.

Our red wines are fat, vivid, powerful and always full of subtlety and delicacy.
Our white wines offer a refined aromatic expression.
Our rosés are both fruity and vivid.

The wines of the estate belong to the Rhône valley wines appellation and the protected designation of origin (PDO) Luberon.

The cuvées Château la Dorgonne, Expression du Terroir or Exception du terroir offer a fantastic cellaring potential (between 5 and 10 years), which allow them to improve in time.
Indeed, if tasted when mature, our wines, becomes softer and develop subtle and complex aromas.

Therefore, we recommend patience to allow our cuvees to reach their full potential.