Our charter

A ``Bio-Active`` vineyard

An ethical environment first requires to respect the workability of soils.
It favours an organic growing method, which excludes any type of synthetic chemical : weedkiller, nitrates and phosphates.

By protecting nature we provide our vines with the precious nutritive elements which are crucial to their livelihood. Over time, this organic growing method enables the vines to be better equipped to naturally fight numerous assaults, diseases or water stress. Indeed, vines have a more consistent and balanced physiological behaviour and are less subject to climatic variations.


The wine-producer is helped by a team of men and women who live in the area: a quality workforce with common values, such as the love for wine and their environment.
Thus they contribute to achieving of a fascinating and demanding job


It is above all the encounter between a multitude of details and gestures
cleverly orchestrated by all the people who work and share the respect for vineyards.
The wine, the achievement of intense and high quality labour, will reveal the best of itself and its environment.

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