A ``Bio-Active`` vineyard

Our method

Château la Dorgonne uses a growing method called “Bio-Active”®.
The methodology developed is based on the following indications: observation of nature and its evolution cycles, and of the apparent requirements of the subsoil.

The secret lies in the balance between the requirements of nature and that of production.

Discovering vineyards with various terroirs, meeting many different experienced wine-growers, and lastly enjoying countless tastings were the former and fundamental steps to the creation of our own vineyard.

We were free to do as we pleased, all that remained was to work and test our intuitions, in order to elaborate the Château la Dorgonne production methods.

Our method

Working The soil

Our method


Our Method


The Method


Rosé and whites are bottled within 8 months following the grape harvest whereas reds wait for 1 to 2 the years before being bottled.

The bottling and the labelling are also done in the «Castle». The domain is thus responsible for all the process, from the breeding of grapes to the bottling. The authenticity and the quality are guaranteed at every stage

La Méthode

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