A land made for vineyards


The Luberon is traditionally a vineyard region.
Numerous documents, bas-reliefs, notarised agreements as well as municipal deeds have reflected it since Gallo-Roman times.

Bauduin Parmentier, master of the house, took over the farm in 1999. He carried out gigantic renovation works on this exceptional site. This involved coppicing, clearing some plots and replanting.

The quality

Naturally organic wines

Bauduin Parmentier gives priority to quality, by adopting a traditional ORGANIC cultivation method, prohibiting any type of synthetic chemical. This is how he fashioned an estate composed of 28 hectares of vineyards and 8 hectares of olive grove.

The priority is given to one goal: Produce the best wine, an expression of this generous terroir, by balancing each vineyard plot in a natural manner.

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